We would love to welcome you to our community!

As a Babyfitter Member you get:

  • Weekly HIIT x Pilates workout (entry to your delegated group) with the same group of women and bubs
  • A Babysitter to look after your bub while you train
  • Goal Tracking with your Fitness Instructor (every 2 months)
  • Fitness assessments so you can track your progress (every 2 months)
  • Access to Make Up Sessions available if you miss a workout
  • Access to At Home Workouts so you can train during the week
  • Access to our babysitters for your private needs
  • Nutritional guidance with our qualified Nutritionist (at an additional cost)
The fine print:
  • In order to receive a credit for a makeup session you must cancel your session to prior to the start time. If you do not cancel the session appointment we are unable to offer a makeup session.
  • You will have 3 weeks from the missed session, to book in and attend a make up session.
  • If you do book however do not attend a make up session, you forfeit that make up session. Please understand this gives all clients the best chance to attend a makeup session as many classes have limited places.
  • Babyfitter do not operate on Public Holidays. If your usual class falls on a Public Holiday it will be cancelled and you may use the point to book a makeup session within the 3 weeks of the holiday. If you are unable to attend a makeup session please contact us for a refund on that single class:
  • 6 weeks cancellation period required for all Memberships unless a Medical Certificate is supplied. Email to arrange this.
  • Every member can freeze their membership for up to 4 weeks per year, this EXCLUDES the Christmas period which we do not run sessions of which your membership will automatically freeze. Email to arrange this if you have plans to go away.
  • Memberships are non refundable, however they may be transferred to a friend.  Email to arrange.